About Miss 22 Quties

The Miss 22 Quties Special Needs Beauty Pageant opened the doors in August of 2011 with 12 eager participants. Since then, the pageant has grown in popularity and has had as many as 25 young ladies competing for the honor of being crowned and representing this amazing annual affair.

The Pageant was originally conceived and orchestrated as way to raise awareness of Alicia’s common but rarely diagnosed chromosome disorder; while simultaneously giving Megan Rose the opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone and show the world the talents she possesses. Both Rose sisters have special needs and this pageant has given rise to a celebration of individuality and community spirit that is far more "rare" than the syndrome which inspired it.

Tammy and Megan Rose
Tammy Rose

Miss 22 Quties welcomes young women ages 14 to 25 years with all types of special needs. These extraordinary ladies open the show with a choreographed dance number, followed by the chance to share their unique and varied talents with the audience. Talents have included songs, dance, escaping from a straightjacket and stand-up comedy! Next, the young ladies take part in the traditional pageant Q&A where the girls don their evening gowns, while being escorted by young men who may also have a special need. The pageant concludes with the announcement of miss congeniality, first and second runners-up and finally the crowning of the new Miss 22 Quties.